Private Branding

Let us help you build your brand with over 450 industry tested products or let us work with you to create a custom product to meet your needs.

Superior Private Branding

Private branding our products is a simple process that allows you to arm your organization with products that outperform the industry’s best.  With over 450 products, from cleaning/degreasing lubricating and cooling to epoxy patching and coating and hundreds of specialty products, we are convinced our product line will work for your private branding needs.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Whether you require standard or customized packaging for your clients, our engineering experts can help provide innovative solutions for the simplest of packaging requirements. From improving structural integrity to environmental concerns and special configurations, we offer full turnkey services from concept, design and manufacture.


We have a dedicated staff of marketing professionals that have experience and a deep understanding or product branding. We can help you create custom labels, marketing materials and digital assets for your project.  From custom labels to sales materials, advertisements and printing, our marketing team is vested in your success and will work with your staff to develop all of the collateral you need to market and sell your private branding products.

All of our products have the required Material Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, and labels.

Order Quantity

We manufacture to meet the specific needs of our private branding clients.  We also understand that developing trust through the quality of our products and responsiveness of our services are all part of creating a strong and lasting partnership.  Smaller initial trial orders are a part of the process and help to build a great working relationship.  So, whether you are looking for a few units or 1000’s, we have the manufacturing capabilities to meet your needs.