403 HP Pigtmented High Compression Floor Patch

High Performance Floor Patch 403

403 HP is a pigmented, heavy duty high compression strength floor patch for repairing and resurfacing damp, damaged plant floors – renews and repairs spalled & damaged floors, fills and eliminates damaged expansion joints, and anchors machinery. It can be used to repair concrete in area exposed to elevated temperatures up to 250° F and a variety of chemicals such as hot oil and grease.

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Product Description

403 High Performance Floor Patch was designed to endure harsh environments. It can be used to repair concrete in areas that are exposed to elevated temperature up to 250°F and a variety of chemicals such as hot oil and grease. Not recommended for cases of freeze-thaw environments. 24 hour cure time at room temperature. The pot life is 45 minutes at 70-75°f in a 5oz. mass.

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Ford Blue, Safety Green, Fire Engine Red, Beige, Black, White, Canadian Grey


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