401 3-Part Epoxy Patch Kit

3-Part Epoxy Patch Kit 401

401 is an Epoxy Concrete of blended resin, hardener and aggregate that is particularly useful where there is a chemical spillage on concrete floors or where there is constant dampness or water spillage.  401 will waterproof the floor and protect against heavy trucking, barrel rolling and other such abuses.  401 has excellent adhesion to clean surfaces and does not shrink on setting, being 100% solid materials.

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Product Description

401 3-Part Epoxy Patch Kit is designed to patch and repair concrete floors and other surfaces subjected to rough use, chemical spillage, impact and abrasive traffic. When the three components are combined, they form an easily troweled mortar which cures chemically to an extremely tough, corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant surface. 401 will end recurring floor repair problems, especially in plants where conventional floorings break down quickly due to intermittent chemical spillage, immersion or flow-off.  A 401 surface can keep your plant floors sound, easy to clean, trouble free and sanitary 401 is recommended for use in repair and resurfacing of concrete floors, resetting bricks, seal leaking cracks and joints in masonry, resurface stair treads, and to provide an “impervious skin” against acids, alkalis, petroleum products, salt water and solvents.  It will not wear or dust under high volume traffic.


Single Kit: 15-18 sq ft @ ¼”
Master Kit: 150-180 sq ft @ ¼”


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